Privacy Policy

Website Use

Benbow Environmental does not require any personal information for users to access the website.

In using this website, anonymous information may be collected about the user by our Internet Service Provider. This information is collected for statistical and website administration purposes only, and may include:

  • The domain name of the site providing you with internet access;
  • Your internet protocol address used to connect your computer to the internet;
  • Your browser type;
  • Your type of operating system;
  • The time you spend viewing the Benbow Environmental website;
  • The specific pages you visit and documents downloaded; and,
  • The previous site you have visited.
  • Any other website links available through the Benbow Environmental website are not subject to the Benbow Environmental Privacy Policy.

Collection of personal information

Personal information is usually collected during direct contact with you over the phone, correspondence (email, letter or fax), or other interactions where you have contact with Benbow Environmental staff directly. Such information includes:

  • Name;
  • Email address;
  • Business name;
  • Contact address details; and,
  • Contact telephone number.

We may also collect information regarding your areas of interest in our services, and information about your business, such as the nature of your work or industry. At times, Benbow Environmental may also collect information from a third party. Examples include industry associations, your employer, other organisations whom you deal with, or publicly available information from sources such as the Internet.

Personal information is primarily collected for the purposes of:

  • Providing professional advice and services to you and your company (as the client);
  • Identifying your areas of interest in our services, so as to improve our level of service to you;
  • Advising you of changes within our areas of service;
  • Marketing activities related to our range of products and services; and,
  • Recruitment and associated activities in response to requests for employment.

Personal information shall only be disclosed for the purpose it was collected and other secondary items, such as invoicing, reminder notices, and proposals.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to employee records of any former or current employees of Benbow Environmental Pty Ltd (or its previous business operations).

Please contact our office for further information.