Emergency Planning

Planning for an emergency requires a practical assessment of the hazards associated with an operation and the potential effects of any danger arising as a result of those hazards.  Emergency Planning covers a broad area and involves preparing for various types of emergencies such as fire, explosion, medical emergency, pollution incidents, spills, bomb threats and natural disasters.

Benbow Environmental can assist with your emergency planning needs by offering the following services.

Emergency Response Plans

Benbow Environmental have extensive experience in preparing Emergency Response Plans (ERP) for various industrial facilities from large pulp and paper mills to food processing facilities, universities and waste & recycling facilities.

Our ERPs are prepared with the following objectives in mind:

  • To protect human life and facilitate the rescue or evacuation of personnel affected by the emergency situation.
  • To control or limit any effect that an emergency situation may have on the site, neighbouring areas or on the community in the vicinity of the location of the emergency.
  • To facilitate emergency response and to provide such assistance as is appropriate to the occasion.
  • To ensure the quick and effective communication of all vital information to respective authorities.
  • To facilitate the organisation and reconstruction activities that may  be required so that normal operations can be resumed as soon as possible.
  • To provide for emergency response training so that a high level of preparedness can be maintained at the facility.
  • To provide the structure under which emergency procedures are revised and updated.
  • To identify risks and develop actions to minimise and manage these risks.


Pollution Incident Response Management Plans

Holders of NSW Environment Protection Licences are under a legal obligation to prepare and implement a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP) for each licensed activity.  Often our clients are required by law to prepare both an Emergency Response Plan and a Pollution Incident Response Plan. At Benbow Environmental, we can combine these plans into one streamlined document where all emergency and pollution incident management requirements are addressed.

For more information about PIRMPs, please visit our Pollution Incident Response Management Plans page or Contact Us.

Emergency and Pollution Incident Training Programs

An Emergency Response Plan will prove ineffective without a training program to support it. Benbow Environmental can prepare an emergency training program catered to your company’s individual needs. 

We can provide training seminars or workshops to ensure your staff are aware of hazards in their workplace and how to respond effectively in an emergency situation.

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Emergency and PIRMP Testing

Testing of Emergency and Pollution Incident Response Plans is mandatory for some facilities in NSW.

Benbow Environmental can undertake testing of emergency and/or pollution incident plans.  This usually involves developing one or more emergency scenarios that have the potential to occur and reproducing the scenarios at the site to assess whether the emergency personnel respond to the emergency in accordance with the plan, as well as determining whether the emergency equipment in place is adequate for the site’s needs. 

Our consultants would be on site to observe the “scenario” and make an assessment of the adequacy of your emergency plan.  A certificate of compliance would be issued as well as a summary report that would provide recommendations for improvement.

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Other Related Areas

Our other areas of expertise related to Emergency Planning include:

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