Benbow Environmental has extensive experience in undertaking assessments to determine the extent and nature of existing site contamination and assess the potential health risks.  An assessment is usually required to satisfy a requirement of a development approval or to determine environmental liabilities prior to purchase of a site.  Our services include:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Site history to determine the likelihood that contamination exists at the site.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

This is a site assessment that involves on-site investigation and testing of soil and groundwater to confirm the nature and extent of contaminants that exist at the site.  Information is then used to assess whether there would be an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment exists as a result of the proposed land use.

Benbow Environmental uses a best practice approach to soil sample a potentially contaminated site which has a greater accuracy than conventional methods for identifying hotspots.

Pre-occupation Contamination Assessment

A Pre-occupation Contamination Assessment is undertaken prior to occupation or purchase of a site to verify whether contamination exists and to what extent.

Waste Classification & Management

Where it is known that a site is contaminated with waste material, Benbow Environmental can sample, analyse and classify wastes in accordance with relevant state guidelines.

For more information on Waste, please visit our Waste Management page.

Remedial Action Plans

Benbow Environmental can develop a Remedial Action Plan to ensure that site contamination is adequately cleaned prior to development.  We have extensive experience particularly involving sites contaminated with asbestos, petroleum hydrocarbons and unknown waste materials.

Site Management Plans

Benbow Environmental can assist with the on-going management of contaminated sites.

Validation Report

Once a site has been remediated, Benbow Environmental can assist in undertaking sampling and analysis to verify the site has been adequately cleaned to a standard that presents no further health risks.

Acid Sulfate Soils

Acid Sulfate Soils are soils containing iron sulfides that become toxic when exposed to air.  They are commonly found in estuarine environments and low-lying coastal floodplains. 

Benbow Environmental provide the following services in relation to Acid Sulfate Soils:

  • Initial screening assessment to identify the likely presence of acid sulfate soils;
  • Soil sampling & analysis;
  • Acid Sulfate Soil Assessments;
  • Acid Sulfate Soil Remediation Plans; and
  • Acid Sulfate Soil Management Plans.

Please Contact Us for further information on Acid Sulfate Soils.

Other Related Areas

Our other areas of expertise related to Contamination include:


Waste Management

Geotechnical Investigations